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How to earn free gift cards with Reward4Task?

Once you sign up with Reward4Task, you can start earning your first free gift card. Before signing up, you can collect a 100 point bonus if you're being referred by a friend. After you have logged in, you are able to choose a couple of methods to earn points.

Gather points through offer walls

earn free gift cards - offer walls

If you select the option to earn points through offer walls, you get an overview of all the fantastic offers you can make to earn points for gift vouchers. These offers include simple app installs, surveys, trials and many more. The points you can earn here towards a free gift card is different for every country. For example, people from the United States will be able to earn a lot more points than someone living in India.

Referring your friends

When referring your friends, you both have the opportunity to earn free gift cards. If someone joins through your unique referral link, you are both rewarded with 100 free points. As the lowest prize costs only 2000 points, you will only have to invite 20 people to Reward4Task. This can easily be done by sharing your link on various social media platforms.

Spin & win

The newest addition to the gift card platform is spin & win. Every day you will have one shot at spinning the prize wheel. By doing so you have a chance to win anywhere between 25 and 1000 points, so make sure to try out your luck!

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